Automatic punching

Automatic punching is ideal for high volume production in various materials. Narrow tolerances are archived by using special dies for every part.

Both simple and complex progressive dies are often manufactured in our own tool shop.

Especially the electronics- and automotive business have high demands for CpK and documentation. Stantræk can offer PPAP and SPC-measurements according to our customers specifications.


Automatic Punching (high complexity, high volume) and Degreasing

Automatic Punching and Degreasing (high volume)

CNC-Punching and Bending

Automatic Punching (high volume)

Hydraulic Deep Drawing

CNC-Punching, Bending, Arc Stud Welding, and Paint

Lasercutting and Paint

CNC-Punching and Assembly

Injection Moulding (in Plastic)

CNC-Punching, Welding, Laser Engraving

CNC-milling, Assembly, Coating, and Silk Screen Printing

Automatic Punching and Assembly

Automatic Punching (from Progressive Tool)

Automatic Punching, Arc Stud Welding, and Customized Packaging


CNC-Punching incl. Bending, Tapped Holes, and Pressed Plunge Forming