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Production of mechanical components since 2005:

Stantræk has specialized in the production of metal and plastic mechanical components from Asia since 2005. We carefully select our Asian partners for each job from our approved and audited network of professional partners to ensure the highest quality.

To ensure flawless implementations of new components, we visit our partners several times a year.

Integrated quality assurance:

Our quality assurance is not just a layer on top; it is woven into every phase of our value chain. We ensure this through our “Solutions and beyond” platform.

Complementary services for sheet metal processing in Denmark:

Through our Asian production setup, we can offer a range of services that complement our Danish sheet metal processing, including:

  • Metal casting
  • Metal die casting
  • Plastic injection molding
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Assembly and kit packing

Quality assurance based on 5 key elements:

Pre-production: Close dialog ensures that all CTQ (Critical To Quality) specifications are understood and implemented. PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is our tool for this.

During production: We maintain and strengthen our relationships with Asian partners through regular visits, audits and clear communication of process flow and specifications.

Before shipping from Asia: We ensure that the necessary documentation such as material certificates and measurement reports are in place before the goods are shipped.

Upon receipt at our warehouse: We perform random checks of all shipments to ensure measurements and material quality.

Traceability: We document and store all data related to orders to ensure full traceability.

Common platform for Denmark and Asia:

Our “Solutions and beyond” platform is the same whether we work with sheet metal processing in Denmark or production in Asia. In addition, Stantræk is ISO 9001/14001 certified and focuses on four focus areas:

Strategy model: We use an open and transparent strategy model based on the Balanced Scorecard, which ensures balanced growth.

Sustainability: Sustainability is a core value and we focus on ESG & Q (Environmental, Social, Governance & Quality) in all aspects of the business.

TQM: We use Total Quality Management to adapt processes and tools to customer-specific needs.

SCM: Our Supply Chain Management is customized for each customer and covers everything from order-to-order to warehousing, always with full traceability.

Buy with confidence:

At Stantræk you can be sure that:

  • We have the necessary technical, quality and logistical skills.
  • We ensure high quality from the first contact to the final delivery.
  • Our “Solutions and beyond” platform supports continuous development and sustainable production in Asia.
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