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Metal bending

Welcome to Stantræk, where precision and quality come together to create the most reliable metal bending solutions on the market. Our dedication to craftsmanship is your guarantee of metal bending done with expertise and precision, whether it’s sheet steel, aluminum, iron, steel, or other metals.

What is metal bending and why is it important?

Metal bending is not just a process, it is the art of shaping metals without compromising the properties of the material. It is a crucial step in the manufacturing of metal parts for almost any industry.

We offer a high capacity in press braking and have both fully automatic press brake cells and a wide range of manual press brakes available. All our machines come from Trumpf and contribute to consistency and high precision in every bend.

Plate bending: the foundation for robust construction

Plate bending is the foundation construction of products in many industries. With Stantrak’s advanced machinery, we can guarantee precision down to the last hundredth, which is crucial for the stability of many structures.

Aluminum bending: lightweight and high strength

Aluminum is known for its light weight and high strength, making aluminum bending essential for applications that require these properties. Our processes ensure that the finished product maintains aluminum’s natural advantages while giving it the required shape.

Iron and steel bending: for the toughest jobs

When it comes to the heaviest jobs, bending iron and steel is indispensable. At Stantræk, we are experts in handling these materials and delivering components that can handle extreme loads.

Metal bending: flexibility in manufacturing

Metal bending at Stantræk offers a rare combination of flexibility and precision, opening up endless possibilities in design and production.

Technologically advanced bending machines

With the latest advances in bending technology, Stantræk can meet even the most specific requirements. Our machines can be configured to handle complex bends and large production runs.

Robot-assisted bending: Fully automated manufacturing

Our robot-assisted bending processes take efficiency and precision to a new level. This means faster turnaround time for your components without compromising on quality.

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Looking for a reliable and competent supplier of metal and plastic solutions? Contact Stantræk A/S! With our high-tech industrial facility and expertise in production and sourcing, we can deliver tailor-made solutions for your business. Regardless of the industry you operate in, we can offer a wide range of products and services at competitive prices. Let us help you reach your goals and requirements - contact us today and let us take care of your metal and plastic solution needs!

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