Solutions and beyond


Experience shows that the closer a design is optimized to manufacturing processes, the lower the cost impact for the product will be. This means that we are able to obtain significant higher savings in the design phase, than in following optimization projects.

At Stantræk we have competent engineers with many years of experience within various manufacturing industries. We offer technical consultancy both within the design phase or in an optimization project during serial production. We offer to actively participate in 3D design and re-design.

Your advantage from using Stantræk as your design-for-production partner is, that our know-how is based in the manufacturing experience that we gather every single day. We are able to contribute in the whole process from development of your concept to the serial production at Stantræk.


We offer:

  • Optimization proposals based on an existing design.
  • Consultancy on material- and process choice.
  • Consultancy on surface treatments
  • Consultancy on assembly methods.
  • 3D model work in design- and re-design projects
  • Flow analysis connected to casting in metal and plastics.
  • Analysis in relation to tolerances.
  • Prototyping.
  • P-FMEA.
  • PPAP.

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