Stantræk manufacturing

Our production equipment covers a wide area – from fully automatic CNC punching, laser cutting and robot cells for bending to manual production equipment.


A wide range of processes

Quality is integrated in all operations and processes of our working day, every day

CNC Punching

Stantræk has fully automated CNC punch presses. This involves a very fast and highly flexible production process that handles items with a very high skill level.

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This process is used for both high and low-volume production, but we also frequently use it for prototyping.

The price for CNC-punched parts is highly competitive because many processes are combined into one machine, which deburrs, taps threads, bends, and creates embossments.

We have an extensive range of tools that cover most requirements.

Automatic Punching

Automated punching is ideal for large series, meaning high-volume production, in various material types, and is performed using fixed tools with very tight tolerances, possibly as fine punching.

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Both simple and complex sequence tools are typically developed and produced in our own tool workshop.

Especially in the electronics and automotive industries, high demands are placed on uniformity and quality assurance documentation. Here, we can offer SPC measurements and electronic data collection.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting provides high-precision and high-quality finishes for components, often eliminating the need for post-processing. It is a fast and flexible production process, ideal for components with holes and complex contours that are difficult to punch.

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This process is used for both high and low-volume production, and often for prototyping as well.

The price is competitive because the production costs are low, there is no investment in tools, and the material is used efficiently.


Kantbukning is ideal for small and medium-sized series and highly versatile for producing prototypes and complex functional components with tight tolerances.

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The process is cost-effective because our machines allow for high-speed edge bending and automatic angle measurement control.

Horizontal Milling

If you set high demands for the flatness of the subjects…

CNC Milling

We use our CNC milling machine for both processing customer-specific items and manufacturing highly complex parts for tool production.

Manuel Punching

We use our CNC milling machine for both processing customer-specific items and for manufacturing high-complexity parts for tool production.

Hydraulic Deep Drawing

For our hydraulic presses, we can connect robots with the ability to pick and place items.

CNC Welding of Standoffs

Stantræk has a CNC-controlled bolt welding system.

Vibratory Deburring

Vibration deburring is used when the requirement is for items without sharp edges and corners – to ensure that further handling is without the risk of injury to operators or assembly personnel.

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Our facility has the capacity for medium-sized items. If the items are larger, we use approved partners for handling.


For demanding surfaces, we have a machine that can brush de-burr. This is done through a gentle process that produces very user-friendly items.


We spot weld, TIG, MIG, and MAG weld. Do you need your items to be welded? We can handle that too!

Washing (tunnel washing system)

Particularly the electronics and automotive industries have high demands for cleanliness before further assembly.

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But also other industries require that the produced items are completely free from fat and oil.

In-House Tool Shop

Stantræk has its own toolmaking department with professional and experienced toolmakers. They contribute to a creative and solution-oriented approach to providing the best possible, most straightforward, and cost-effective solution for you as a customer.

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But they also have the know-how to implement even the most special solutions with complex follow-up tools.

The toolmakers take care of the maintenance and repair of your tools and ensure that they are always ready for use – so we can use them in production on short notice.


Our use of robots reduces labor costs, and we ensure cost-effective, efficient, and consistent production.

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Furthermore, we reduce unilateral, repetitive work (EGA).


Stantræk handles various assembly tasks and procurement of assembly parts.

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