Automatic Punching for High-Volume Precision Production

Our automated stamping processes are ideal for high-volume production of a wide range of materials. We use specially designed tools for each individual part, ensuring tight tolerances and high precision. Our in-house tooling facility allows us to produce both simple and complex progressive dies to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Specialized Metal and Plastic Solutions for Demanding Industries

Stantræk specializes in the production and sourcing of metal and plastic solutions for a wide range of industries. Our expertise and experience enable us to deliver unique customer-specific parts tailored to any need, including demanding industries such as electronics and automotive. To meet the high demands for quality and documentation, we offer PPAP and SPC measurements to verify and validate the process and products according to our customers’ specifications. Our production of components and semi-finished products as well as finished solutions allows us to meet the needs of high-volume production in various materials. We use special tools for each individual part, resulting in tight tolerances and precision in both simple and complex progressive dies.

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