Precision Laser Cutting for High-Quality Metal Parts

Laser cutting is an advanced manufacturing process that provides exceptional precision in the production of metal parts and components. With a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, laser cutting can produce parts with very complex shapes and contours without compromising on quality. In addition, laser cutting often results in a beautiful finish, meaning that there is often no need for further finishing.

Laser cutting is also known for its flexibility, as it can cut a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Therefore, it is an extremely versatile process that can be used for various purposes and applications.

At Stantræk, we can offer laser cutting as a production process for both low and high volume production, and we can also use this process to produce prototypes. We use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that our customers always get the best possible results and outstanding quality in their parts and components.

Competitive Pricing for Cost-Efficient Laser Cutting

Stantræk offers competitive prices for laser cutting services, as the process requires no investment in tools and has low production costs. The high utilization of raw material, combined with the high precision and beautiful finish, makes laser cutting an economical and efficient production process. Stantræk has both Co2 and fiber technology available, and can therefore offer a wide range of cutting options tailored to different materials and thicknesses.

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