Unique products specified by our customers

More than half a century of experience and knowledge enables us to supply optimal and individual solutions adapted to any customer needs.


Quality In All Perspectives!

Quality is integrated in all operations and processes of our working day, every day

Sectional and punching tools

All progressive or single dies are constructed according to the drawings and specifications our partners get from us. Our engineers or technicians are always in charge of planning, executing and closing a project when we soure a die for you.


Naturally, we will always send you prototypes for approval – before we start up production abroad or at our own factory in Denmark.

Twisted and milled items

CNC-machined and turned items are part of our sourcing program. Are you interested in hearing more about sourcing items? Please call us at +45 86 22 03 77. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pressure and wax molding

All die casted and lost wax items come from our approved partners – just like any other items we source.

Box-build solutions

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Stantræk A/S is a high-tech industrial company specialized within manufacturing and sourcing solutions in metal and plastic.