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Processing of sheet metal

Stantræk is among the leading partners in metal processing. We have achieved this by making ongoing investments in high-tech equipment.

Our machinery ranges widely – from fully automatic cnc punching machines, fiber laser cutters, robotic cells for bending, PEM serters and manual production machines. The wide range of modern production equipment allows us to turn customer designs into tangible parts at short notice. And we like to be challenged!

Our team of experienced specialists ensures that our customers’ wishes and requirements are translated into timely delivery of high-quality metal components.

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Latest technology in CNC punching and laser cutting

In recent years, Stantræk has invested heavily in the most advanced machines from German Trumpf.

We can offer high-precision cnc punching, laser cutting and, with our latest investment, a combination of both processes. Based on the customer’s drawing and other requirements, our team selects the right process that ensures both quality and a competitive price.

Stantræk can also offer a range of follow-up processes such as edge bending, PEM assembly and much more.

Customized solutions for metal parts at Stantræk

No job is too big or too small for us. Whether you need a prototype, low- or high-volume production, we follow your project from idea to realization. Our team are experts in creating customized solutions that fit your exact specifications. We understand the importance of detail in metalworking and ensure that every single part meets the highest standards.


Stantræk: Quality in all perspectives

  • Advanced and versatile machinery
  • Expertise in both small and large production volumes
  • Flexibility to handle complex designs
  • Constant innovation in metal processing techniques
  • Strong focus on quality and precision

In addition to being ISO 9001 certified, we use tools such as FMEA, PPAP and statistical process control. We rely heavily on our many years of manufacturing experience in our preventive quality work.

A wide range of processes

Quality is an integral part of all our processes, every day


Stantræk has fully automated CNC punching machines. This is a very fast and highly flexible production process that handles parts with a very high degree of finish.

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This process is used for both high and low volume production, but we also often use it for prototyping.

The price for CNC punched parts is highly competitive because many processes are combined in one machine that deburrs, threads, bends and winds.

We have a comprehensive range of tools to cover most needs.

Automatic Punching

Automatic punching is ideal for large series, i.e. high-volume production, in different types of material, using fixed tools and with very small tolerances, possibly as fine blanking.

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Both simple and complex follow-on tools are typically developed and produced in our own toolmaking facility.

Particularly in the electronics and automotive industries, there are high demands for uniformity and documentation of quality assurance. Here we can offer SPC measurements and thus electronic data collection.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting provides high-precision parts with a high finish, often eliminating the need for post-processing. It’s a fast and flexible production process and ideal for parts with holes and contours that are difficult to punch.

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This process is used for both high and low volume production and often also for prototyping.

The price is competitive because production costs are low, there is no investment in tooling and the material is optimally utilized.

Metal Bending

Edge bending is ideal for small and medium-sized batches and very useful for producing prototypes and complex functional parts with tight tolerances.

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The process is economical because our machines allow for high-speed edge bending and automatic control of angle dimensions.

Straight rolling

If you have high demands on workpiece flatness.

CNC Milling

We use our CNC milling machine for both machining custom parts and producing highly complex parts for tool making.

Manual Punching

We use our CNC milling machine for both machining custom parts and producing highly complex parts for tool making.

Hydraulic deep drawing

To our hydraulic presses, we can connect robots with pick-and-place capabilities.

CNC stud welding

Stantræk has a CNC-controlled stud welding system.

Vibration deburring

Vibratory deburring is used if the requirement is workpieces without sharp edges and corners – to ensure that further handling is without risk of injury to the operator or assembly personnel.

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Our facilities have capacity up to medium-sized items. For larger items, we use approved partners.

Deburring flat workpieces

For demanding surfaces, we have a machine that can brush deburr. This is a gentle process that produces very hand-friendly workpieces.


We spot weld, TIG, MIG and MAG weld. Do you need your workpieces welded? We can do that too!

Washing (tunnel washing system)

The electronics and automotive industries in particular place high demands on cleanliness before further assembly.

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But other industries also require that the parts produced are completely free of grease and oil.

Own tool shop

Stantræk has its own toolmaking workshop with professional and experienced toolmakers. They contribute to a creative and solution-oriented approach to the best possible, most simple and profitable solution for you as a customer.

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But they also have the know-how to implement even the most specialized solutions with complex joining tools.

The toolmakers take care of the maintenance and repair of your tools and make sure they are always ready for use – so we can use them in production at short notice.


Our use of robots reduces labor costs – and we ensure affordable, efficient and consistent production.

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In addition, we reduce repetitive work (EGA).


Stantræk handles various assembly tasks and purchases assembly parts.

Partner with Stantræk for advanced metal processing

Choose Stantræk for your next sheet metal and metalworking project. Our dedicated team is ready to turn your ideas into reality with the highest level of precision and quality. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you realize your project.

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